From August 31 to September 3, Get The Led Out, a Led Zeppelin tribute band that formed in Philadelphia, performed their annual residency at Sellersville Theater. The band played deep cuts as well as Zep’s biggest hits, switching up the set list each evening.

The band remained high energy throughout Friday’s performance, though the band was constantly moving around the stage and switching instruments off stage. The audience interaction was top-notch, with the performers playing with the audience with banter and anticipation before the encore.

While the band might not look like the original Led Zeppelin, they certainly imitate the sound. They even clear this up by flat-out saying that their goal is to imitate the sound, not the look, in order to keep the music alive.

Get The Led Out has proven time and again to be talented. Each band member has various roles on stage, often playing an instrument and singing. Andrew Lipke performs on at least four different instruments through the show, jumping between each seamlessly.

Overall, GTLO’s concert was outstanding. The energy through the theater was high, with audience members singing and dancing along and the band feeding off them. The audience interacted heavily with the band, shouting out song requests, and the band replied back most times, even if it was to say they were not playing the song.


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