Brit Floyd Rocks PBS


Brit Floyd, a Pink Floyd tribute band, recently released a PBS concert special ahead of their world concert tour in 2017. The PBS special covers the entire experience of a Pink Floyd concert experience, from the music to the light show.

The 12-piece band seeks to imitate the sound of Pink Floyd down to each individual note from each vocalist and instrument. They capture the essence of each song and note using various instruments and computer programs.

There is documentary-style commentary that tells the story of the band and the background of how they formed the band. While this information is awesome and valuable, it would be better to have it between songs, not during the songs.

During the interviews, some of the name lines that appeared on screen got cut off. While this may not have happened on every TV or screen, it is important to ensure that it does not happen  on any screen.

Overall, this is an amazing concert experience to watch and experience on public television. It is exciting to see a tribute band take center stage in a medium that does not feature tribute bands very often. This band is very worthy of the attention.


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