Anatomy of a Great Tribute Band


A good tribute band can be difficult to come by. They have to wholly encompass the artist or band they are paying tribute to. There are certain things that make for an awesome tribute band concert experience, and the best tribute bands embody all of these things.

The Look
The best tribute bands do their best to look the part. Some tribute bands decide to change their whole look to look like their part. Some band members may even decide to wear wigs to get the hair down. Many bands, however, have to do very little to look the part of the band they are performing as. In many instances, the lead musician requires very little effort to look the part while the backing musicians may take extra steps. Musicians in a tribute band may also opt to use the same instruments or look-alike instruments to look identical to the original band.

The Sound
Great tribute bands can replicate the sound and style of their chosen band. The tribute band can reproduce each song by their choice band, down to the little stylistic nuances. The tribute band, including the instrumentalists, have their music memorized and do not need to rely on cheat sheets to play their music. They put in time and practice to solidify their song. The harmonies are exactly the harmonies of the actual band. The singing and instruments sound exactly like the actual band.

The Personality
Awesome tribute bands embody the personality of the band they are performing as. They have spent hours upon hours “studying” the mannerisms of the musicians and know exactly how to replicate it in their shows. They know the mannerisms down to the dancing and even their hand gestures. These seemingly small things capture the essence of a musician, and the ability for a tribute band to replicate this in their performance adds a whole new level of authenticity to their concerts.

The Fans
The tribute band knows how to engage the audience like the actual band. They do not focus solely on fans who have been to multiple concerts over the years. The tribute band should focus on the entire audience and interact with everyone when possible. The band should encourage concertgoers to sing along, clap, and dance to the songs when the mood fits. The best tribute bands are aware of what the audience is doing and how they are reacting to the music.

The Experience
Many concertgoers go see a tribute band because, for some reason, they are unable to see the actual band or musician live. Geography, finances, and health are factors that can prevent people from seeing a band live. A tribute band may even be paying tribute to a deceased musician. For these reasons, it is crucial for a tribute band to replicate the experience of seeing their chosen band live. Doing so allows those who may otherwise not be able to see a musician to get a glimpse into their performances. It is important for tribute bands to be authentic for this purpose.


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